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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day & Night

Greetings my dearest ones.

I have found another way to transform day into night and because I love you all so much, I am sharing it with you.  Do you feel the love?  ;)

I’m really excited about this method because … it’s EASY!  YAYYYY!

I am taking this photo:
Everyday Magic by Miss Behaving

And changing it into this:

Evening Magic by Miss Behaving

Let’s get started with our original layout image.  Duplicate your image by hitting “CTRL + J”.

Duplicate Original

Next Desaturate it.  Hold down “CTRL + U” to bring up the Hue/Saturation options.  Slide the Saturation level to -100.

Hue/Saturation @ -100

Duplicate your Desaturated Layer by holding down “CTRL + J”.

Duplicate Desaturated Layer

Now we are going to adjust the color to make it more of a night-time blue color.  Hold down “CTRL + B” to bring up the Color Balance options.  Use the sliders to adjust the color balance.  The settings I have below work really well for this piece.  You may have to adjust them on your own but I have to admit, usually the -55 setting on the Cyan color really works well for me on almost everything.

Color Balance Settings

Now this is starting to look like night time!

Cyan and Blue Color Balance

If you were to stop right here, you would definitely be doing alright.  However, as most of you know … I like to really make things “POP”!

To make it darker, I duplicated the blue layer and set the Blending to Mode to “Multiply”; then adjust the Opacity to 70% and the Fill to 50%.  Again, depending on how dark your shadows and original piece is, these settings may vary.  There is no “set” way to make it work perfectly the same way every single time.  Adjustments to blending modes, opacities and fills are crucial.

Blending Mode - Opacity - Fill Settings

You have now successfully changed day into night!  Do you feel the POWER?!   Mwuahahaha!!
Night Time

The last thing I did was add some highlights and more shadows by painting them on.  That’s another lesson for another time.   I hear there is an awesome Fantasy Workshop starting up September 1st!   ;)  

Evening Magic by Miss Behaving

Let’s give a great big hand and a hearty “THANK YOU” to Lorie Davison who provided all of this lovely and gorgeous product.  This episode was brought to you by “Artist’s Faeries”.

Artist Faeries by Lorie Davison
Artist's Faeries by Lorie Davison

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Easy Peasy Quickie Lesson.  I LOVE tutorials like this!  :D

Have a great week and Happy Creating.  :)